• INTRODUCTION Powered by an economical and environmentally friendly mini 4-stroke engine, the FG110 has an adjustable 9" tilling width and the ability to till within 1” of existing plants – making it ideal for raised beds and narrow rows The Honda FG110 Mini-Tiller is a lightweight, easy to use and efficient personal garden cultivator featuring fingertip control There is no assembly required for this tiller as the handlebars fold for easy storage and shipping - simply unfold and tighten for use
  • With its lighter weight, easier to use deadman clutch and multi-step adjustable handlebars (including the ability to swing the handlebars to either side) the F220 is a brilliant tool for the gardening professional or user alike Honda's F220 features a mid-tine configuration that delivers the perfect balance of power and maneuverablity to perform almost any kind of tilling task
  • INTRODUCTION The versatile F501 Tiller is powered by a GX160 engine and features 2 forward and 1 reverse gears, a 914mm tine width, multi-step height-adjustable handlebars, and is light and compact for easy transportation
  • INTRODUCTION Powered by a GX240 engine, it features 500mm tine width and 3 forward and 1 reverse gear Great for tough heavy duty work


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