Hunter Outdoor Equipment and Husqvarna bring the future of mowing to Heritage Gardens.

Mowing your lawn as we know has been changed forever. With Husqvarna’s new robotic Automower you will never need to mow your lawn again. It’s function works in a similar fashion to a robotic vacuum cleaner for your house or creepy crawley for your pool. As it leaves the charge station it will begin mowing at random. As the grass grows and comes into contact with the blades it is cut, and because the clippings are so fine it mulches effortlessly back into your lawn, returning the nutrients to the soil and promoting growth.

Your lawn never get’s a change to get long and always looks perfectly manicured. Affordability has also never been better with prices now from a low $1,999 with 36 months interest free terms.

Dwayne, manager for Heritage Gardens thinks the concept is fantastic. The less time people need to spend on their lawns enables more time to focus on the garden. In terms of presentation the finish is superb, complimenting the plants and ambience. It is also silent in operation and doesn’t use any fuel which adds to the tranquillity.